Types Of Pipes That Are Suitable For Water Supply

Water pipes are one of the important elements in building a dwelling. A livable house is not only seen from its physical design, but also a good drainage system and types of water pipes. The arrangement of the sewer system generally consists of two functional systems, namely the water supply channel and the sewerage channel. If there is a problem with the water carrier or sewer, miracle rooter is ready to help you anytime and anywhere.

PVC pipe
This type of PVC pipe is very popularly used for household purposes and can be said to be a versatile water pipe. In addition to functioning as a wastewater channel, PVC pipe can be used as a clean water channel. Even though they contain plasticizers, PVC pipes are believed not to be harmful to health. Using PVC pipe can help you reduce expenses due to the easy installation process.

For those of you who want to use PVC pipes, you can find them easily in various building shops at relatively affordable prices. However, keep in mind that PVC pipes cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. Special paint is required to coat the pipe.

CPVC pipe (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) is one of the developments of this type of PVC pipe. The difference is in the thickness, where the size of the CPVC pipe is thicker. One of the advantages of CPVC pipe is its resistance to temperature changes, up to 180oC. This type of pipe is suitable for those of you who need hot and cold water lines.

uPVC pipe
Besides PVC pipe, another type of plastic pipe that you can use is a uPVC pipe. Unlike PVC pipes, uPVC pipes do not contain plasticizers, so they are safer to use and environmentally friendly. One of the latest innovations for this type is the Alderon Pipa water pipe brand. Unlike other uPVC water pipe brands, Alderon pipes have excellent durability, are not easy to break and fade. The types of pipe connections offered are quite diverse.