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Some photographs taken at the Open Day of the NAPA exhibition held at View Two Gallery, Mathew Street Liverpool in 2009.
No.1 David Hillhouse with Mike Hatjoullis seated. In the background from left to right are groups of paintings by Arthur Gee, Nigel Morris and Mike Hatjoullis.
No.2 Anthony Gribbin left and Mike Hatjoullis seated centre right.
No.3 Paintings to the left by Paulo Filipe (top 2), Derek Turner (lower left), group by Stewart Griffin, Alan Edwards, group by George Thompson to the right.
No.4 Visitors at the exhibition. Paintings from left to right by George Thompson, Deborah Batt (through arch), and by Ken Martin to the right.
No.5 Ken Martin, Gallery Owner (left) and David Hillhouse (NAPA) enjoy a quiet moment at the exhibition preview.

Works Exhibited

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