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David Hillhouse sadly passed away on the first of September, 2013. He will be sorely missed by his family and friends. For any enquiries, please contact his son Jonathan at the following e-mail address



NAPA artists are individually part of a non-profit making group organised by artists for artists. Founded in 1985 most members are from the United Kingdom and others live and work abroad.

They use acrylics and promote interest and knowledge in a versatile medium that provides a diversity of styles, subjects and techniques. Their work is shown on this website and at annual exhibitions organised throughout the United Kingdom.

New members are selected from applications, details of which can be found in CONTACT on this website. All paintings featured here have been shown at NAPA exhibitions. Many are for sale and enquiries should be directed to NAPA or to individual members.

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2009 Annual NAPA Exhibition Review

View Two Gallery.

The 25th NAPA National Exhibition was fittingly held at the View Two Gallery in Liverpool. Fittingly, because NAPA began on Merseyside 25th years ago. To all members, their families and friends who came to the open day on the Saturday, a big thank you. I am sure that all who were there will agree with me that it was an excellent day with a great atmosphere. It was good to see and talk with fellow members, something that regretfully happens so infrequently. The open day was also well attended by the public and of course this also contributed to a very successful day. Everyone who saw the show commented on the high standard of the work on view. Ken Martin the owner of the View Two Gallery certainly thought so and consequently offered NAPA the opportunity to extend the exhibition for another month at no further cost. Therefore I will take this opportunity to thank Ken for his excellent gallery, and his help and kindness throughout the course of the exhibition.

The exhibition was widely advertised in the press, arts websites and members own websites . From the point of NAPA as an art association, our public profile has been significantly raised. Sales were somewhat of a disappointment which perhaps just reflects the economic situation we find ourselves in at the present time. However as usual there were a range of well deserved prizes waiting to be awarded.

The President’s Award went to Bill Kneale for his painterly and meditative study of the Dee Estuary Salt Marsh, which was one painting from a stunning group of works by Bill. Paul Geraghty was awarded the Adrian Henri Memorial Award for his majestic, Summer Morning, St Ives. The Daler- Rowney for Best British Painting award went to George Thompsons’ atmospheric, St Gimignano, Tuscany. Best Contemporary Painting (Global Art Supplies Ltd) went to Anita Reid for aptly named Departure. The Fine Art Trade Guild award for the Best Group of Paintings went to Lisa Traxler for her large and impressive abstracts. Showing how acrylic paint can be handled, Arthur Gee was awarded the Pro Arte Prize, for his Highly Commended, Blizzard Imminent. Anthony Gribbins, Contained was awarded the prize from The Artist Magazine. Deborah Batt was awarded the Liquitex Prize for Dwelling, one of an excellent and thoughtful group of paintings exhibited by Deborah. The Winsor and Newton Prize was awarded to Lorena Kloosterboer for Sapphire Blue.

Congratulations to all the winners in the NAPA 25th Year Annual Exhibition.

The above were the works chosen for awards, however the whole exhibition showed the range, quality and commitment of all members who contributed. Thank you to all who took part in this excellent display. Regarding exhibitions, because our members are spread around the country we endeavor to find venues for the annual exhibition that are located around the country. However there is a drop in members who live in the South submitting work when we exhibit in the North. Yet members who live in Brazil such as Lucy Dall Orto, Paulo Durate Fillpe who lives in Portugal, Ilana Raviv from Israel and Lorena Kloosterboer who lives in Belgium regularly send in work to NAPA exhibitions. The success and continuing strength of NAPA as an art association depends upon its members. I think it is true to state that the standard of NAPA exhibitions has continually improved over the years. We reject far more applications for membership than we accept into membership. NAPA shows exhibitions can now stand comparison with the best, and we should be proud that we belong to such an art association.

I would like to thank all the people who put this exhibition together. David Hillhouse, Ken Hodgson, Mike Hatjoullis, Adam Hillhouse, Jonathan Hillhouse and myself. Adam and Jonathan went on to curate the exhibition for the whole of its run. Thank you, for your hard work and good humor in the hanging and curating of the NAPA Annual Exhibition.

At present we are sourcing a number of possible venues for this year’s annual exhibition, details will follow in due course.

Best wishes to all NAPA members.

Alan Edwards.

(Chair of NAPA)



NAPA EXHIBITION 2009, ‘VIEW TWO’ GALLERY, Mathew Street, Liverpool.

Sizes are in cms.

Paintings listed as Illustrated can be viewed on the artists own page. (Select Artists from the home menu above and then select their name from the list). The painting will be shown on a larger screen if you click the thumbnail illustration in question.

If you are interested in purchasing a painting from this exhibition catalogue, even though it has now finished contact NAPA (Alan Edwards, Chairman) on 0151 645 8433 or e-mail

Anthony BARROW (Wigan)

1 Memories of Beauty 70 x 70 NFS (Illustrated)

2 Geisha 70 x 70 £600 (Illustrated)

3 Palace Theatre 60 x 70 £600 (Illustrated)

4 Sunshine at the Grand Arcade 60 x 70 £600 (Illustrated)

Deborah BATT (Berkshire)

5 Dwelling 5 70 x 70 £600 (Illustrated)

6 Dwelling 8 70 x 70 £600 (Illustrated) LIQUITEX AWARD

7 Community 12 70 x 80 £650 (Illustrated)

Beatrice CLOAKE (Hythe, Kent)

8 Psychedelic 49 x 49 £190 (Illustrated)

Alwyn CRAWSHAW (Hickling, Norfolk))

9 Country Lane, Hickling, Norfolk £390

10 Snow on the Broads £390

11 Hickling Broad, Norfolk £390

Lucy DALL’ORTO (Santa Lucia, Brazil)

12 Figure I 92 x 40 £250 (Illustrated)

13 Figure II 61 x 38 £280 (Illustrated)

14 Geometry II 50 x 80 £200 (Illustrated)

Alan EDWARDS (Wirral

15 Kolyma Tales £500 (Illustrated)

16 The Beauty Spot £400 (Illustrated)

17 The House of the Poet £200 (Illustrated)

18 The House of the Mysteries £450 (Illustrated)

19 All they have is here £250 (Illustrated)

Paulo Duarte FILIPE (Portugal)

20 The Little Raphaella’s Secret 32 x 42 £900 (Illustrated)

21 Unshadowy Tattoo 32 x 42 £900 (Illustrated)

Arthur GEE (Wigan)

22 Snow Melt 45 x 40 £200

23 Welsh Odyssey 50 x 43 £250

24 The Open Sea – Mallard 75 x 65 £875

25 Blizzard Imminent 80 x 70 £850 PRO ARTE AWARD

Paul GERAGHTY (St. Ives, Cornwall)

26 Still Early, St. Ives Harbour 80 x 80 £750 (Illustrated)

27 Summer Morning, St. Ives 80 x 80 £900 (Illustrated) ADRIEN HENRI MEMORIAL AWARD

Anthony GRIBBIN (Tarporley, Cheshire)

28 Dash 60 x 60 £300 (Illustrated)

29 Contained 60 x 60 £300 (Illustrated) THE ARTIST MAGAZINE AWARD

Stewart GRIFFIN (Farndon, Cheshire)

30 Bluebell Wood 60 x 60 £350 (Illustrated)

31 Grass Circle 90 x 90 £600 (Illustrated)

32 Summer Grasses 60 x 60 £350 (Illustrated)

33 Gulls over Bembridge Beach 60 x 60 £35 (Illustrated)

Mike HATJOULLIS (Wavertree, Liverpool)

34 Paradise Project No.1 70 x 85 £475 (Illustrated)

35 Paradise Project No.2 70 x 85 £475 (Illustrated)

36 Paradise Project No.3 70 x 85 £475 (Illustrated)

37 Paradise Project No.4 70 x 85 £475 (Illustrated)

38 Paradise Project No.6 70 x 85 £475 (Illustrated)

39 Paradise Project No.8 70 x 85 £475 (Illustrated)

David HILLHOUSE (Wirral)

40 The Saxon Bridge 58 x 48 £650 (Illustrated)SOLD

Kenneth J HODGSON (Wirral)

41 Tranquility 42 x 37 £180 (Illustrated)

42 Shalom 42 x 37 £180 (Illustrated)

43 Deep Calls to Deep 43 x 35 £180 (Illustrated)

44 Circular Continuity 43 x 35 £180 (Illustrated)

45 Looking Through a Glass Darkly 40 x 30 NFS (Illustrated)

Lorena KLOOSTERBOER (Antwerp, Belgium)

46 In the News 20 x 25 £750 (Illustrated)

47 Sapphire Blue 55 x 70 £1,800 (Illustrated) WINSOR & NEWTON AWARD

Bill KNEALE (Holywell, North Wales)

48 Dee Estuary Saltmarsh – Edge 68 x 88 £300 (Illustrated) PRESIDENTS AWARD

49 Dee Estuary Saltmarsh – Tilt 88 x 68 £300 (Illustrated)

50 Dee Estuary Saltmarsh – Wind 68 x 88 £300 (Illustrated)

51 Dee Estuary Saltmarsh – Channel 68 x 88 £300 (Illustrated)

52 Dee Estuary Saltmarsh – Boat 88 x 68 £300 (Illustrated)

Sara C LEE (Harwell, Oxon)

53 Puffins 25 x 52 £290 (Illustrated)

Ken MARTIN (Lake District)

54 Cumbrian Flag No.1 30 x 40 £120 (Illustrated)

55 Cumbrian Flag No.2 30 x 40 £120 (Illustrated)

56 Cumbrian Flag No.3 30 x 40 £120 (Illustrated)

Nigel MORRIS (Wirral)

57 Navigation by Light £195

58 Adrift £195 (Illustrated)

59 Nazca Spiral II £325 (Illustrated)

60 Plain of Nazca £325

61 Sand Bank Safe Water to the East £325 (Illustrated)

Anita REID (Ellesmere Port, Wirral)

62 Natural Textures 54 x 74 NFS

63 Ebbtide 54 x 74 £295

64 Tender Structures 54 x 74 £355 SOLD

65 Imagine 54 x 54 £345

66 Departure 77 x 77 £575 (Illustrated) GLOBAL ART SUPPLIES AWARD

67 Traces 100 x 79 £575

Barbara SYKES (Oldham)

68 Dancing Partners 25 x25 £300 (Illustrated)

69 Reclining 19 x 30 £250 (Illustrated)

70 Hedonism 38 x 58 £500 (Illustrated)

71 Resting Together 25 x 25 £300 (Illustrated)

George THOMPSON (Wirral)

72 Beach at New Brighton, Wirral 28 x 23 £520 (Illustrated)

73 St. Gimignano, Tuscany 23 x 23 £450 (Illustrated) DALER-ROWNEY AWARD

74 Boats at Dubrovnik 31 x 26 £520 (Illustrated)

75 Venice Street 23 x 28 £500 (Illustrated)

76 Venice Market 20 x 21 £510 (Illustrated)

77 Shotwick Village, Wirral 23 x 20 £380 (Illustrated)

Lisa TRAXLER (Isle of Wight)

78 Channel 100 x 100 £950 (Illustrated) FINE ART TRADE GUILD AWARD

79 Allegiance to Myself 100 x 100 £950 (Illustrated) FINE ART TRADE GUILD AWARD

Derek TURNER (Weybridge)

80 Approaching the Glacial Lagoon 50 x 47 £320

81 Just Below the Surface No.2 70 x 70 £425 (Illustrated)

82 Interaction 30 x 30 (Illustrated) £295



NAPA EXHIBITION 2009, ‘VIEW TWO’ GALLERY, Mathew Street, Liverpool.


The President’s own award for the painting of his choice.

An award of £100

Awarded to Bill Kneale for painting entitled Dee Estuary Salt Marsh: catalogue number 48


Most appropriate application of technique and material to subject matter.

A NAPA award of £100

Awarded to Paul Geraghty for painting entitled Summer Morning, St. Ives: catalogue number 27


Best British Painting (Daler-Rowney)

An award of £150 for the purchase of Acrylic Materials from the Company, for the Best British Artist.

Awarded to George Thompson for painting entitled St Gimignano, Tuscany: catalogue number 73


Best Contemporary Paintings (Golden Art Materials)

An award of £250 for the purchase of Acrylic Materials from the Company for the Best Contemporary Paintings

Awarded to Anita Reid for painting entitled Departure: catalogue number 66


Consistent High Standard in a Group of Works (Fine Art Trade Guild)

An award of one year free Guild membership, for an artist showing overall consistency in paintings displayed at this exhibition.

Awarded to Lisa Traxler for the best group of paintings: catalogue numbers 78 to 79


Highly Commended Contemporary Painting (Pro Arte)

A presentation case of artists brushes, for a highly commended contemporary painting.

Awarded to Arthur Gee for painting entitled Blizzard Imminent : catalogue number 25


The Artists’ Publishing Company Limited

Highly Commended (The Artist Magazine)

12 issues of The Artists Magazine, for a highly commended painting.

Awarded to Anthony Gribbin for painting entitled Contained: catalogue number 29


An award of £125 of art materials from the Company

Awarded to Deborah Batt for painting entitled Dwelling 8: catalogue number 6


An award of £125 of art materials from the Company

Awarded to Lorena Kloostboer for painting entitled Sapphire Blue: catalogue number 47



The National Acrylic Painters` Association was formed in 1985. It evolved from the concept that acrylic paint is still largely unrecognised in its own right. Oil and watercolour paints started from the same premise, with the origin and the history of each giving them distinct characteristics and goals, as well as their own organisations and societies. It should therefore follow that acrylic paint should have equal status as a new and developing medium.

Acrylic paint is the 20th Century`s positive contribution to painting. It is the only medium that is capable of the widest range of approaches in technique and methods, thus stimulating creativeness and fresh thinking in theory and art ideology, and as such demands that maximum expression should be sought through its versatility. It was intended that the National Acrylic Painters` Association should fulfil this demand, by being a vehicle for collective exhibitions, which aim to promote the excellence and innovation of the medium.

The first President of the Association was Adrian Henri. He held the post from 1986 to 1991, after which he became its first Fellow and a patron until his death in 2001. Adrian was an excellent president and a keen and loyal patron of the Association, believing in its purpose right from when Ken Hodgson founded it in 1985. Adrian was an acclaimed international painter and poet.

A Mrs Kay Greenwood-Casey POA (France), an art, drama and opera critic was until her death in 2002 a patron and a loyal foundation supporter of the Association.

The present President is the internationally acclaimed painter, writer and broadcaster, Alwyn Crawshaw. He having been Vice President from 1986 took over the post when Adrian retired and Dr Sally Bulgin took over his position. She was in post for some years until she stood down due to pressure of work. She was succeeded by Professor Arthur Hughes, who was until his early death in 1999, head of Art at the University of Central England. At present no one has been appointed to the post of Vice President.

The present patrons of NAPA are Dr. Sally A. Bulgin, editor of The Artist Magazine, The Master of the Fine Art Trade Guild, and Dr Catherine Marcangeli. Recently a Mr Ken Martin a notable Liverpool architect has become a member and a patron of the Association.

Since the inaugural exhibition in December 1985, there have numerous international exhibitions held at prestigious venues such as the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery, the Westminster Gallery (London), and the Durham Art Gallery. From 2002 until 2006 the Annual International Exhibition was held in St Ives, Cornwall, which is the acknowledge centre for art in Britain. This was mounted at the Mariners Gallery, which is right in the centre of St Ives close by the Tate Gallery. All the exhibitions were well received. In 2007 NAPA exhibited in the beautiful picturesque town of Ludlow and last year at the Obsidian Gallery, Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire. This year NAPA is to hold its annual exhibition in Matthew Street, Liverpool, which is the located in the heart of the Cavern Quarter of the City centre, The home of the Beatles and Mersey Sound. It\'s being held at the View Two Gallery.

In addition to the Annual Internationals at St.Ives NAPA other shows were arranged. NAPA has held exhibitons at St David`s Hall Cardiff, South Wales. A major and prestigious show was held in 2004 at the spacious Williamson Art Gallery and Museum, Merseyside. This is a local authority venue, second only to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. As a result of the excellent exhibition that was mounted on that occasion the gallery curator promised that future periodic shows could be mounted at this venue; the next one being in 2010, which will coincide with NAPA`s 25th Anniversary. Over the years other shows have been held at various locations up and down the country, places such as the Black Sheep Gallery (Hawarden Castle, Flintshire), and Rooksmoor Gallery (Bath). Members` individual and joint shows since NAPA`s inauguration have been mounted by Associates at venues of their choosing and endorsed by NAPA. Since its beginning NAPA has been supported by various companies who have donated a variety of prizes of material nature. The Association has received awards from: Art Review, Artists & Illustrators` Magazine Ltd., Artists Newsletter, Daler-Rowney Ltd., Forsline & Starr International Ltd, Great Art, International Artist Magazine, Liquitex UK, Modern Painters, Pro Arte, R.K. Burt & Co. Ltd. (Fabriano), Royal Sovereign Ltd. (Rembrandt), Spectrum Oil Colours (Spectracryl), St Cuthberts Mill, Thames & Hudson, Global Art Supplies (Golden UK) - formerly The Artist, The American Paint Co. Ltd. (Golden), Tollit & Harvey (Canson, Goldline, Isabey) Winsor&Newton and Colart (Winsor&Newton/Liquitex) and Harper Collins.

NAPA associates with the Voluntary Arts Network and members can be listed in the Art Trade Press publication - Who`s Who in Art, and seek copyright protection via the Design and Artists Copyright Society. NAPA is a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild.

The Association has further received substantial coverage in art journals and magazines, in Britain, but also Europe, America, and Australia. Membership is international and it includes artists from America, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Israel, and Portugal. At the NAPA’s Annual Exhibition in 1995 the concept of a NAPA USA Division was discussed and Linda Gunn an American member was given permission to formulate a forum for acrylic art in America. On the 1st December 1995 an American Division of NAPA was established and Linda became its first Director and a Gerald Brommer NAPA NWS, became its first Honorary President. Gerald is a highly respected international workshop instructor, juror and author of several art books. A Sandra Carpenter, the editor of The Artist`s Magazine (USA) held the post of Honorary Vice President. Annual Open Exhibitions since its beginnings in the USA have been held. There are now two organisations in the states owing their beginnings to NAPA UK - they are known as ISAP and ISAP (Florida), which I understand is to revert to NAPA once again.

The National Acrylic Painters` Association is a professional organisation. Professional is taken to mean that it accepts as members those persons who either earn a regular living by painting, or those who although not living by art, adopt a professional attitude toward the subject, exploiting creatively the acrylic medium, using experimentation and imagination. It welcomes all painters be they traditional or modern in their approach to art, and artists are accepted solely on the strength of their expressed work. The Association is lastly non-discriminatory concerning age, disability, gender or race.